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The Pleiades star cluster is also known as the Seven Sisters and M45. The cluster contains hundreds of stars, of which only a few are visible to the unaided eye. The stars in the Pleiades are thought to have formed together around 100 million years ago and they lie about 425 light years away. Their closeness to us makes the Pleiades a prominant cluster visible mostly in the winter sky. There are many mythological stories of the Pleiades.

Image Data : Total exp.= 2.8 hours.
L:R:G:B: = 60: 36: 36: 36: mins.
Location: Sunglow Ranch, AZ
Equipment: Ceravolo 300 Astrograph at f/4.9,
Mount: Astrophysics 900
Camera: Apogee U16M with Astrodon filters
Software used: MaxIm DL, Registar, PS CS2
Image Aquisition: Peter
Image Processing: Debra

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