Here are some of our favourite links that you may enjoy:


An excellent general astronomy resource site. We are also members -

An amazing astronomy resource for kids, thanks to Mary -

Another great resource page for all -  Be an astronomer from your home

Sky and Telescope magazine -

Astronomy Magazine -

Nasa's astronomy photo of the day -

Space weather. All about what the sun is doing. -

Photos of the Moon -

All the news from Nasa -

The Clear sky chart for planning your observing sessions -

Astro image processing:

Helpful Photoshop hints for astronomical images -

Advanced imaging techniques, very helpful -

Jerry Lodriguss site with lots of great hints in astro imaging -

An article on real colors in astroimages -


Stunning professional aerial photos -

Mitch Sayare photography, a friend and great photographer-

A photo sharing site-


For general aviation news, photos and stories -

Canadian Owners and Pilots Association -

We use this site for flight planning on our many trips across the USA: -

All about the Flying Fortress B17 we flew on: -


The Cloud Appreciation Society -

Truth & Humour, a fun site -

Our business websites:

Laserline Optics Canada Inc. - This is our day job. -

Ceravolo Optical Systems - This is our other day job. -