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The Ring Nebula, also known as M57 and NGC 6720 is located in the northern constellation Lyra and is best viewed in the summer. This object is the most famous of all planetary nebula. Planetary nebulae are formed after medium or low mass stars, such as the Sun, exhaust their hydrogen fuel in the stellar core. Eventually the outer atmosphere gets blown away by steller winds and the expanding gaseous shell forms the spherical nebula, brightly illuminated by ultraviolet energy from the central star

Image Data : Total exp.= 1.3 hours.
L:R:G:B: = 32:15:15:15 mins.
Location: Sunglow Ranch, AZ
Equipment: Ceravolo 300 Astrograph at f/9,
Mount: Astrophysics 900
Camera: Apogee U16M with Astrodon filters
Software used: MaxIm DL, Registar, PS CS2
Image Aquisition: Peter
Image Processing: Debra

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