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The Kepler Region with the bright Kepler crater was named after the famous German astronomer Johannes Kepler who discovered the motions of the planets in the early 1600s. The crater is 32kms wide and surrounded by ejecta, the rays of material that formed when an asteroid hit the moon's surface. The rays are one of the most visible markings on the moon and easily seen in binoculars near the western edge. Copernicus crater is the larger crater to the right of Kepler. North is at the top of this photo.

Image Data : 1000 still frames BMPs.
Location: Sunglow Ranch, AZ
Equipment: Ceravolo 300 Astrograph at f/4.9
Mount: Astrophysics 900
Camera: Imaging Source DMK 41A
1280 X 960 pixel array with Astrodon Tru- Balance NIR Lum filter
Software used: IC Capture, Registax, Photoshop CS2
Image Aquisition: Peter
Image Processing: Debra