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The planet Venus passed in front of the Sun on June 5, 2012 and gave us a rare event to photograph. This is the last time to see this in our lifetime. The next one will occur on December 10, 2117. We were happy to see clear skies that day. Peter (below) used an Orion telescope with a solar filter and Canon 20D to capture the small dot of Venus in front of the Sun. It took two and a half hours before the sun set and the result was some interesting photos and a sunburn!

Shortly after 6pm in Ottawa, the planet appeared as predicted. The Sun also had lots of sunspots to see as well.

This photo was one of the few images taken before the clouds threatened to overtake the Sun.

Here an approaching jet from the west joins the scene.

A photo snapped at the eyepiece of a 4" Newtonian telescope with Baader filter film using Debra's iphone.

Clouds began to roll in before sunset creating interesting artistic effects.

More clouds set in as the sun got closer to the horizon. But Venus peaks out between them.

At the same time as the previous photo, this wide field shot by Debra was taken without a filter. The small dot of Venus can be seen between the cloud bands.

Last glimpse of the transit of Venus for us. It was a lot of fun.